How The Clarity Package Works:

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Get Ready

After you book your session, you will receive some prep work to get ready for the session 1

Be Supported

Your coach will uses the information from your prep work to start creating your plan

Start Thriving!

During your Clarity Session you will get clear on where you are starting from and a plan to start moving forward

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What you will walk away with:

Clarity Coaching

We will complete this work over three sessions.

Session 1:

  • Get clear on where you are going
  • Identify goals, priorities and must haves
  • Review your prep work

Session 2:

  • Where are you starting from?
  • Deep dive into your current financial picture
  • Review Roadmap to get you where you want to go

Session 3:

  • Identify Roadblocks and Challenges
  • Assess progress, where are you getting stuck?
  • Explore next steps and if more support is needed


I am ready to thrive!

A detailed roadmap that includes:


Most importantly of all, you will feel confident in your ability to be in control of your money and use it as a tool to create the life you want.

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