THRIVING with your dinero is possible with a Financial Roadmap.

Ya está bueno! You’ve worked too hard to just survive. Get clear about what you want, create a plan, and set up systems for your money so that you can enjoy life on your terms.

Dinero is for more than just surviving.

Your money is a tool to create the life that you want for yourself and your familia. You deserve to enjoy your hard work.

After our work together, you will have:


You will be able to see your money clearly. You will know how much your life costs and how much it will take to reach your goals.

Clear Roadmap

You will have a list of action steps to take with your money to get you closer to your goals.

Certainty & Confidence

You will know that you are doing enough to meet your goals and this will allow you to spend with confidence and enjoy your money.

Even if you feel overwhelmed and confused when it comes to your finances and don’t know where to start!

We will create a clear roadmap together.

During our session, we will work together and strategize to identify your priorities and next steps. You will get a step by step plan that is personalized to your specific situation, values and goals. This 1-on-1 guidance will help you gain clarity and confidence to take action towards your goals.

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Gain clarity to take action

When we can’t see our money clearly we are left to worry and feel shame every time we spend because we are not sure if we could be doing better. You may be thinking: “I’ve tried this before and failed, why would it be different now?

Being unsure of our goals and not knowing what to prioritize leads to inaction.

If you are unsure about making the commitment to change and questioning your ability to change, I’m here to help.

Getting a plan for your money based on what is important to you is our Superpower.


I am Oriana.

I know what it is like to check off every single item on the list and still feel dissatisfied. Feeling like estoy atrás y no avanzo! (feeling like you should be further ahead) and wondering if all the sacrifice and the hard work has been worth it? Are you even doing enough?

I believe that creating a plan for your money allows you to redefine success and enjoy life on your terms.

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Go from surviving to thriving, by relating to money in a new intentional way.

This change starts with a Clarity Package.

The clarity Package is designed to help you get a clear picture of where you are starting off financially, identity priorities, next step and come up with a strategy to maximize your hard earned money and get you closer to where you want to be.

How The Clarity Package Works:

Book a Call

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Get Ready

After you book your session, you will receive some prep work to get ready for session 1

Get supported

Your coach will uses the information from your prep work to start creating your individualized plan

Start Thriving!

During your Clarity Session you will get clear on where you are starting from and a plan to start moving forward

I am ready to thrive!

There is so much financial information out there and it is hard to figure out how it applies to your situation. With so many competing goals it is difficult to know what to prioritize. 

Money Map coaching gives you a framework that allows you to feel confident that you are doing enough to reach your goals while enjoying the journey along the way!

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